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  1. The Cem2 from the BDP wall has always been a favorite.
  2. Classic! That "NE" is Nuse CF, Snipe CFs partner. Those guys had the Deagon and West Side Highway on smash. I'm guessing this is more 91-92....
  3. Fillins over outlines...always been the rules.
  4. ERE tags creeping behind that truck
  5. I'd like to see a Brat and Vet wall.
  6. That's how we used to make our markers back in the day. Good video.
  7. Notak had the 6 line on lock mid 90s. Savs top right.
  8. Yeah, the Sub tag looks legit. I'm stumped on this one.
  9. Came IMOK original. Sere IMOK also Syko TCF Even MTA and Hefs RHATS can't explain how dope this pic is. (stolen from NYC Thread) Also is that Sub pic Sub IMOK? Looks more like Sub5 AOK.
  10. Jick must be a short guy to throw a tag that low to the ground.
  11. Racist


    I remember when I first saw Snow come through The Bronx with i think Praez from philly. Early 90s.
  12. ^^Awesome Cromags!!^^ In other news:
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