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  1. rekersers nd h4rrys burning nd pillaging. stayin serious! yo cubersonerskys ifu on here get at me nigga! stillgots ur harley vrod ifu fenda have it sent?nd peaces go out to the bro I stole pic from. fact pure style!
  2. bump them media138 nd storyftk handies fucking illen...
  3. bump them springfield heads......stayiin busy always
  4. reposted but Bump media138...stolln. i was tryna post original sizes but cant upload um..If anybodys up to help me out pm me...
  5. On a public graff thread accusing someone of Self Promo posting is just a real piece of shit move. It is Snitching and thats been going on more nd more....aright im done talkiing nd only posting pix nd this is a very good reason to stay off this thread as i try to.. And a couple more of my favorite writers. Bump Mes nd his longevity!
  6. ok when did I ever say i was king of this thread? which Iam far from and I know that. Mr irrelevant oppinion haver? ND LISTEN RIGHT NOW I never posted any of my shit in this thread you hear me its all shit from some blackbook which doesnt concern u faggot, stop trying to throw me under the bus u fucking dry snitch! Oh and Those doods I fucking gave shout outs too I fucking know so dont speak on what YOU dont know thats just ignorant. Dont threaten me with a good time bro ill see u...You should be BANNED just for throwing me under like u did sayin im self promo posting like that u SNITCH ima smash u just for that when oppurtunity arrises. And iam sorry for everyone who has to scroll past this waste of space bullshit but what this kid just did is snitch! YOU PIECE OF SHIT U!
  7. Go paint your diarreah shit all over some more ill classic pieces tough guy! lol
  8. its on flickr just look it up, it caught the buff as of recently though..ran 2+years
  9. everywhere i go i see these doods!
  10. i see u jousto doin tha damn thing!
  11. doods who are up with atleast a small degree of style...
  12. ignore the date on the camera as I never set it...nc
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