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  1. as long as we're posting streaks...
  2. bump bubblicious! just updated my thread on metal heads for all you train lovers
  3. :) please don't feed the troll!:D
  4. I'm glad i dont write, i don't know how you guys deal with all these toys! must be tough. I dropped 30 new ones on my benching thread in metal heads. check it out!
  5. Forgot one fuzzy! Ichabod side-busting Klever
  6. LULZ!! WELL PLAYED SIR!! Ores i thought you were new too? BUMP MY BIG HOMIE SOUR (even though i know thats old)
  7. just updated my thread on metal heads... lot of nc heads check it out
  8. lot of good catches today. 4 sighs on the same line. birthday bench!
  9. kolen needs to start painting again those pieces are fresh
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