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Everything posted by COSMOGRAMMA

  1. Glad someone flicked that GUFE shits proper
  2. no wai? thats shopped? NO....... Theres no way its shopped br0
  3. Can you guys take this to facebook? I mean we all know youve probably got graff facebooks with your face and shit. Why not take this elsewhere?
  4. that spots dope meter please dont fuck it up thank you
  5. sick garage door tag hommie whats mommy goin to say when she gets home?
  6. This shit is so stupid. these kids not only dissed b-16 (in this photo) but also pistoe (didnt get a photo of that) /wrists
  7. "next post" Welcome to the internet age boys! :o
  8. THIS talk about blowin up your own spot
  9. im still trying to decipher that first post on this page
  10. Dope flicks bump that refug shits fresh and that leser dopl 8bit roller yo EnvyThis idk if its just me but some of those flicks are broken links.
  11. ^ Damn some need some adderol for that ADHD?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7O3tlklWoE Fuckin hipsters stuck in the 90's Sw33t boots br0 R.I.P. that spot.
  13. I vote YAY for SM's old pictures. and then I'll post some that I've got
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