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  1. that first song is so dope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdQ4nV4yz9o
  2. i can't believe how high zn's voice gets after the fight almost like he was about to cry or someshit
  3. stuck off the realness! rip sureshot
  4. gemz aka GZ by couch bombay, on Flickr
  5. you sure he wrote with deco and rush?
  6. bs almost caught slipping... so many heads after him
  7. "i'm from the city, it's where i should be. beatin my meat, and hittin the street. it's the way god intended it to be."
  8. earsnot punching someone in the stomache during a soccer tournament LOL
  9. http://www.occupyyourcongress.info/
  10. Drok (DR) AA Mob by Armored., on Flickr
  11. not riding the d, but never understood why dudes think its cool to diss shit through computer programs and not using actual paint :lol:
  12. bump this realness on a premo beat
  13. "letters all discombobulated nam sayin. the arrow coming out.. you like yo where dat arrow came from?"
  14. different era different style.... truth
  15. hahahahah had to search that shit up
  16. so anyone ever flick that 6 ft. fib??
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