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  1. bump those magz big l rip bump impact
  2. the last time i saw that, pk and dart were not on that.. dope
  3. i love how the mom yells at him too lmao holy shit
  4. all the pics are dope but that ewok with the tower in the background stands out, love flicks like that
  5. i love when people think their opinions are so superior .. +rep
  6. this is fire .. "free panas" RIP
  7. TREA.afb.RLC.msd... by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr TOPS... by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr
  8. funny (imo) seinfeld clip prank call to bp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmnqz2dfIhk hilarious prank call to viagra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5ihLeboIYk
  9. expect it from about 3 other screen names
  10. that guy patrick warburton plays the paraplegic in family guy haha he was also in the episode where jerry goes to the dealership....
  11. mmm delicious, graff snitch knishes
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