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  1. Jinx I would just get simple with the letters, stay away from making your letters drippy Ive seen way too many people get caught up in that and it seems to be all they do. That K is strangely tall
  2. Caught the end of the last page Datsik
  3. Datsik by Iamtheplagu3, on Flickr
  4. ZEBRAH by [/url], on Flickr ZEBRAH by , on Flickr
  5. Soup07


    Had to add a couple more
  6. Not really sure how I feel about this one
  7. Parker, I would also recommend going bigger with your 3d and actually draw lines from your point for the 3d will help with consistency.
  8. Soup07


  9. Soup07


    Saw this on the news today, stay frosty out there http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/cleveland_metro/Business-owners-take-a-stand-against-graffiti-on-Clevelands-west-side
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