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  1. still have highway spots running. still have some amtrak lines running. and i paint more spots outside of that "sandwich spot" then I do there. and I didnt realize there was a "hand book" that I was suppose to read so I could be a cool graff writer. Ill just keep paiting whatever I want. if you knew me you would realize half of the shit i paint is a joke and my sense of humor cracks me up when I see how retarded it looks. its funny to read how much people hate on here from something they dont understand... my new style "country scrawl" !!! edit: oh and didnt realize my PM was turned off. Its back on.. feel free to send hate messages to me in PM about how I should just quit. Thanks.
  2. coming from you its actually REALLY funny. and who gives a fuck what i paint. i post pics simply to share. i'm used to the hate cause thats all this forum is unless your in the "cool crowd" ... but if everybody wants to dissect every aspect of my work feel free. i really could care less what any of you all think anyways. I paint to get better...I see my flaws and I know what I need work on... shit doesnt happen over night. this thread is retarded. post more flics. keep painting and stfu.
  3. i dont either. i was bored. shit happens.
  4. you cant post pics that have animals in them because I used to take pictures of animals like 5 years ago... just saying. you can post pics about trucks or swimming pools!
  5. holy shit your right they look exactly the same!!!
  6. not to be a dick man but if you go to flickr there is already multiple people writing KAES. and I rarely see your shit up anymore. While you claim to have killed it years ago thats one thing but right now new people are coming in and coming up with a name is not easy. KAE has no conflict with anything that is UP right now. If you really have an issue you should just go out and paint. If you want people to know who you are go out and get up. posting on the forums telling people they cant use the letter K or A or E or S because its in your name is retarded. Hell even I was told on here at one time... nobody is going to go looking behind a building in the middle of the woods or in a sewer to know who I am. Get that shit up on the highway, rooftops, etc. let it be known that your shit is here and that KAE is a conflict instead of posting on here from a laptop sitting at a bar. Just my thoughts not trying to hate.
  7. Bump old JEDI I used to love his shit back in the day. Does he have anything new anywhere? Would love to see his style now...
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