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  1. Goddamn Woem... Sometimes I hate you for being so good. BUMP! Fowl Wins Syke Ruinrrr
  2. Hmmm... ncking can and has shown out on niggas so whatever happens DON'T FUCKING CALL ME ABOUT IT. Bump that Train, spraycan, gun thing. Shits pretty rad.
  3. Stuke not Stuk and, HCB is about as far away from bitch as it gets.
  4. JERX and ZHOU! LAWST. Aim and Axie Lert Fowlie and Wins Stapl
  5. Bump the real work getting put in on this page. I dare a nigga to come out his mouth with that shit to Leder's face. #wheredidyourteethgo
  6. Its relevant because dude finally got an appeal trial and the sentence was upheld. Love how kids who don't even paint like to spend so much time trying to seem smart on a graffiti forum..
  7. These sanctimonious judges are getting away with this bullshit. Stay informed and stay safe fellas.
  8. I know precisely who you are kid. The only weight loss needed over here is for you to get your 125lb bitch ass off my dick.
  9. reberta and niggas holding pellet rifles
  10. You know... You and your mom are more alike than you may realize. Just the other day she said the EXACT same thing to me when I told her she had to make me a sandwich before I'd let her suck on my cock. She's all talk like you as well though because that bitch instantly whipped me up a banging ass turkey club and then slobbed on ol' tater head till he threw up in her mouth. She says hi by the way and says you should call. She worries that you might be too cold living in that van behind the skatepark.
  11. Shut up kid. Nobody values your opinion and you have zero credibility.
  12. Bump all of that. Always love seeing some melt. I gotta prop Armor for that one too.
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