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  1. I just want everyone on this page except nuclear bummer to hear me say, you don't know shit, everything posted on this page is really really bad, that is literally the definition of sidebusting, none of you are doing anything serious or making moves, graffiti is dead in Richmond for now, and you are bad at graffiti. You won't believe me, I know it's really just not even possibly true in your head, but I'm telling you so you hear it anyway. Now back to what you were doing
  2. this is like that episode of pete and pete when inspector 34 eats all the barbecue chicken without getting any sauce on his face and everyone realizes that really he fucked up because barbecue chicken is SUPPOSED to be messy. dude how embarassing.
  3. haha my dude if you wanna do something about it i'm sure you can arrange to see me while you're here if you haven't left. i dare you. i know you won't though ;). hope your eloquence works out for you
  4. you're like a guy who left the party to stand in the street and try to yell shit-talk, but no one really listens.
  5. because it has a swirl? tell me who i'm biting here ---> "E"
  6. let's go over something for all the freight happy toys
  7. wow. that's some ugly shit going on
  8. this is what you get for stirring the stupid pot
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