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  1. Revok pm me... It's REms Thought you were supposed to be the king setting examples and shit.... Not Internet shit talking to a little kid when you got a son of your own. Fills over hands bro... Get at me
  2. Yo jasp u should get at me in a p.m. This is rems
  3. what the fuck!! who has flicks of that massive production wall on the eastside?? nsf wall
  4. transitions........"TRP" in like dearborn
  5. what street is that grasshopper on???????? dibs on that ladder.......... im bout to go gank that shit
  6. Best spot this year dontvizie by I Am My Own Trip, on Flickr
  7. someone should flick that new aires touch roller spot
  8. Holy cow did you guys see the tead video on the home page? P.S. 120412_145728 by I Am My Own Trip, on Flickr 120412_145716 by I Am My Own Trip, on Flickr
  9. Untitled by I Am My Own Trip, on Flickr
  10. that ftmd is sooooooooo crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrispy man dont oar pear repht brzm
  11. Sorry for the post with no flick. Heres somethin cool i found: KOSEK 2012
  12. i was in globe trading not to long ago, you cant really go anywhere upstairs because lots of the floor has given and the roof is a deathwish. the building is still there though and the first floor is grilled by toys. upstairs, mostly all the old pieces are untouched. I love that ansiq.....
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