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  1. I don't have a problem with someone displaying their opinion. I will point out the flaws in your opinion however. I didn't line the real Myth and I am sure he didn't line me. Regarding the toy from bamf, I am not going to spend my money on going 1000 miles to look for a wimp who will be hiding under a rock somewhere. Nor will I concern myself with a duck purveying a pistol at me, mentally, from 1000 miles the opposite direction or a video of some poor writers throwing rocks at freights "symbolizing" their hatred towards certain individuals. I am not out to win, either, I am out to author a book titled "Respect those who came before you..."

  2. Sr. Moving Confucious if you ask me... I know you didn't but that's my opinion, like what your niggas will do for me gently moving my fingers across the keyboard typing shit about you and your duckie crew, your legends, and colors and all...............................................................

  3. better than me at what? you have the option to make a comment on my post, that is about the only truth. but considering stupidity, you went out of your way... if you have a problem with me, than PM me again with your version of what is wrong and maybe we can work something out.

  4. That's about right...

    These are just one person's opinions...

    except for the part about common sense... Synonymous to the cliche one man's junk is another's treasure, one person's common sense could be another's schizophrenia. Not trying to go off on tangents here, but when a toy like reup 138 does something that he regrets, and others such as mythbamf have followed the first toy, before first toy realized he made a mistake, what is mythbamf supposed to do? And even more pertinent to this is what is reup 138 supposed to do since he always is thinking about me? Honestly I don't know what else to type... if reup 138 wants to suck maurice thornton's dick or stick a piece of carbon inside his butthole in honorance of someone, it isn't my business.

  5. Lot of faggotry on this thread...

    1) Nice job Kink for clipping that Nace. Real class.

    2) I'm not a big fan of Whistleblower writing in or clipping pieces, but worse than that is ragging him when he's hitting up RIP Conrail Twitty. I'll line that frowny-faced bitch more often now.

    3) Anyone calling Myth a toy just shrank themselves down to insect staus. Talk about playing yourself.

    4) If you hate so-and-so, don't write their name, even to say "Fuck so-and-so." It still gives them shine. Never write your enemy's name.

    5) Making threads to diss a particular writer is corny as fuck and I'm thinking of banning the next person who does it. Hmmm...


    These are just one person's opinions... and pictures. How about you do the shit your way and I do the shit my way. Myth bamf isn't only a toy... but a bitch ass toy. You are trying to place rules on writing on shit, talk about YOU playing yourself.

  6. I made that video above... thanks for posting the link... what's even more funny is that you beastie toys made a song about how duck-re steal car's clownin on that toy and then you paint with that monkee. how sweet... maybe ya'll went to another dimension together, the forgiveness dimension where ya'll climbed a tree together and spat in each other's mouths... I'm not trying to get any extra snot rockets from your nasal innuendo or love of motion dildo, keith-dildo-thornton, or that other bitch... I guess that liquor wasn't enough... ya'll had to have the real thing...

  7. someone from your crew is saying trying to apologize for something to me... wyse should quit soaking his girlfriends status and asking stupid ass questions... and eye should get some new glasses... and next time that "big" guy comes to my town, maybe he should introduce himself to me, instead of pondering how he could kick my ass.... seriously guy, I don't really regard you highly anyway, and you listening to some little bitch from virginia or the bronx or where ever, like one of ya'll going over mine or someone else shit, is going to have no effect whatsoever to what I do.

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