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  1. seagulls and pelicans stealin da fish



    holy fucking huge moose chasing a dog



    zebra trying to drown lion






    Party Rock Anthem -Violinists can shuffle too[/color][/b][/url]

    pretty dope


    and that was not dope at all fuckin gypsie girl dancing like a retard. you can tell she smells like hotdog water. damn man. that video sucks

    (hiphop violin way better)

  2. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


    Hahaha... After many, many encounters with Library personnel and security guards, I have mastered the art of having one window conceal the other, or knowing just exactly where to click while navigating to just the right part to grab the img URL so that the images are only up for a fraction of a second...


    Also, I remember some very generous people were offering to help me out on this trip...so if any of yall would like to buy a painting, I would be happy to ship one to you, or deliver it in person when I roll through your town! I had this show and the dude told me to paint as much as I wanted and he'd put them in. Rather he meant that he would put two in out of seven: The largest one, and the one that nobody would ever buy.


    So now I'm hustling paintings out the back of my car to small town white racists and the more progressive residents of Butts Road.




    So yeah, the show was a bust, but it was fun. Until I got sick of standing around people, and got so uptight thinking that I would be in the city another night and day, I had to drive back home at 2 in the morning just so I could be alone and quiet...


    lol woman holding the goat skull A+

  3. ^^ that was really stupid.



    these are funny


    I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy (havnt seen it posted yet)


    girl falls face first down stairs


    drunk guy walking bike


    LOLOLOL - best job in the world. tiger poop picker upper



    'literal ms paint videos'

    - look at me now

    - like a g6


    Jian Sword Dancing


    not a single fuck was given

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  4. I went as V-Nasty de la White Girl Mob[/color]





    Made that shirt n chain piece too.. Pulling hoes with that setup.


    Pulling hoes with that setup.

    pics or it never happened



    For real though I know this is DAO's job but you are lookin mighty frail. And TELL me that V for Vendetta mask is just a wall ornament that fell down.


    Warning will cause severe SWAG. Second hand embarrassment through the roof of my shitty community college.


    You look like an asian that got surgery to be white that got surgery to be a boy.


    haha this is why people quit oontz, next boost right here, got any sweet tattoos?!


    and also, what do you normally wear? if that is a costume

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