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  1. No Sopcast tonight... any links?
  2. No one can step to him. He needs to move up, thats where the good fights are.
  3. btw. Had Maynard/Edgar a draw. Rd. 1 was 10-8 imo. To bad for Diaz to, another 2 rounds that fight was his. Too little to late though. Vera has 0 ground game.
  4. MMAturf.com Great night of fights.
  5. Re: WTF happened to hot girl / Boober / Hipster chick threads ... aka The best threads on
  6. Grats to Brock on his first sub, but how the hell did that shit get sub of the night? Lytle's arm triangle was a thing of beauty.
  7. Re: What the fuck?? How does this work! Lulz at the retard parade. Nice thread.
  8. Agreed. Non-title fight that gets stopped. Brock's standing still looks like shit imo. If Cain can keep it standing I think he knocks him out. Anyways, great night of fights. Cheers.
  9. He came back and won it? he obviously wasn't finished.
  10. On his arms. He was covering up and kicking him off. Could see it being stopped though. Glad it wasn't.
  11. Fuck, best fight card in a long, long time.
  12. Snoop, Silva, Machida: Anderson on that drink:
  13. This. Chael knows how to hype a fight too. I wasn't interested in this at all but the way he's running his mouth has me interested. No ones come at Anderson like this either. Maybe he'll get in his head. (doubt it.) Chael Sonnen confronted at fan expo:
  14. Blu you the only one on? This forum is dying...
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