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  1. wow that shit is fucking horrible. shit name too.
  2. portland bites SF so fucking hard... get some originality kids.
  3. Hey Gocker I like your shit a lot that last E on the bottom piece is dope as fuck.
  4. wow that would earn me some real street cred..
  5. All I have to say is that you have over 900 posts on an internet forum about graffiti. That's all I have to say to insult you.
  6. hahahahaha dude you're from sf why are you talking like that. monkey.
  7. haha dumbass toy doesn't know shit about the game
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco san francisco is full of art fags and wannabe bkf toys.
  9. VTS does THE BEST graffiti I've seen, along with BKF DRUGS and US. keep pushing the limit rude dudes.
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