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  1. thank yall for reacting exactly how i thought you would hahahaha
  2. let me start by saying fuck that faggot hipster JASP, and WAH crew in general. i dont know how you guys see that shit as good graffiti because everyone in their crew is a joke. now one of you grown ass men get upset about this comment on the internet, i could use a good laugh
  3. bump them sweat shop boys. jue makes me sick
  4. this thead often seems like more of a facebook chat sesh than a graffiti forum. way to represent your city folks
  5. that toxic holocaust one is fucking gnar
  6. so every artist is a fag?? doucher.
  7. ^^you sir are a fucking retard
  8. BUMP KTC, that shit is killer. fuck that homo jasp though
  9. stole. also why is that tead so fucking serious
  10. Onik734


  11. bump mekan sisto and daser for that hot shit they dropped on that ghetto warehouse across from my hood. i was just out bombing tweaking out while painting, got so into it that i actually hit my nose and mouth against the wall in one of my wet ass silver and black letters. fuck having to put mineral spirits on ya face. sorry bout the no flicks thing, i just haven't been on here on a straight GRIP. EDIT: not even gonna edit what i came on here to edit, but that last little section is worded like a retard wrote it.
  12. also throwin my 2 cents in that shit about malt and sintex, yall niggas are old and washed up if ya think that shit looks good, ive seen some fire ass shit come from malt, not sintex, but never the less yall KNOW that shit is some garbage, quit painting booty ass pieces givin yourself and detroit some booooooooooooooooooty ass names.
  13. fuck demer from nj. got a fucked up dems sketch in my book and thats the best shit in there, dems all the way, fuck nj, demer can get off his fuckin high horse. drunk as fuck, NIK ONE, REPPIN MICHIGAN TILL THE DAY I FUCKIN DIE, FUCK ALL YALL AND YA INTERNET OPINIONS
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