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  1. ugene= thats too much for a lawyer especially on a dwi case. theyre gonna give you two options, jail or papers. with jail u can sit it out and just worry about the fees which include 1000 for 3 years. 2 yrs of sr22 insurance (expensive). 1 yr suspended dl. 225 reinstatement fee and u gotta complete a dwi course.. with papers u gotta do the same but worry about drug tests and paying probation fees. boobyknockers=thats some proper ass bud u got thurrrrrrrr
  2. Bump Moet, Herk... and that machine is fiyahhh
  3. http://theboxhouston.com/news/brandigarcia/8-years-in-prison-for-graffiti/
  4. niiiice throwbacks... probably havent seen those since houstongraffiti.com was still descent..
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