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  1. Im talking about the top to bottom married couple cars
  2. I personally gave those pics to skeme over the summer....I took thos pics personally back in 82
  3. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff I will co sign with your statement, although there is alot of stuff on here that I have seen many times before on other sites, I would say out of every fifty or so pictures I look at, I see at least 3 that I havent seen in years or seen at all, so this beats sites like subway outlaws and 149th street. and saster, keep up the good work guys.
  4. spin from crown heights, this kid did nice stuff on the 1 2 3 5s especially the 4s his career was short lived, he came out in 81 and quit around 84, I remember calling him to come paint back in 84 and his mom answered and said he was in computer class.......we are talkin 84 man!!!! lol internet wasnt even a thought back then, let alone word perfect which predates microsoft word by 8 years or so, Im sure the dude is a multimillionaire somewhere, bump you colin wherever you are...[/b]
  5. its a shame because there are so many skeme peices that i remember that arent posted on any of these sites
  6. done by skeme and phase2(tommy davidson) lol
  7. these se throwups were done in1981, he kinged broadway that year with these,
  8. and what about a young vinny babarino aka (john travolta ) as who else but tkid and what about hulk hogan as todays tkid its funny becasue I been saw the robert deniro-seen mannerism i always pictured kase as eddie murphy before charlie murphy was on the scene but now that he is, he definately makes a better kase two
  9. Sak and shame have been boys since the mid 80s and they have done cars on the 2s and 5s along with saks partner kc from the 1s. they also did a bunch of walls together one with seen ua and cavs brother mkay. sak and shame also done like four other freights along with the one you see posted.
  10. yeah I knew Repo Rip, he indeed was there, we used to go to the ghost yard together in 80-81, yeah Repo Tc, he had the headlines on broadway locked down with drippy mop style tags, I was shock to hear of his passing, havent seen him since 81 and back then he was a controversial kid who made cameo appearances never in one spot for a long period of time but i never had a problem with him, anybody who is anybody in the graff world would remember that repo rooftop he had on 207th street by the one train station he did it in 1980, anyway rest in peace bro.
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