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  1. B-TEAM lets em know. sup fellas?
  2. some flicks from the ville while the thread was down... got some more later tonight
  3. interesting to see toys who know SHIT about poed...all ima say...
  4. they need one of the smiley face shits that just does a slow head shake..
  5. this cant be who i think it is...yerro cerica?
  6. B TEAM LED MOMS sufferin through the second saint pattrs day box is difficult..makes the shitty marker wrackkin abit easier tho haha!!
  7. haha! nice whered you dig that flick up from?^^^
  8. box wine team....scrollin through old flicks and missin all you fools. yall be safe and whatnot up there and keep my sloppy ass in your thoughts while your out there crushin. B easy!
  9. yea i guess that other kid figured no one else had ever seen an adek throw up either
  10. that old kolun style is one of my alltime favorites fasho
  11. drove to raleigh yesterday. saw 3 ores spots, a nevor, a sler, and some pyle shit. bumps all around for makin that boring ass drive a bit more colorful.
  12. Michael Jordan


    Man, i already GOT those ^
  13. like to see that fowl style progreession tho shit is dope, sorry for bein drunk jump me if you want to
  14. ^talikin bout north carolina that fuckin dude is daft if ive ever met anyone fuck
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