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  1. Bump Anarchists Kuthe Che. Geek
  2. kuthe soma ocho jambe Ekspo, bump that post man!
  3. Bump pear, ocho, Jambe, 2short, Rezist, nepal, and aera.
  4. whats lately to you? considering i havent been in the district for the past 6 months. So you knowing would be a stretch. And that lightup have little letter structure. He said in his own words that he was all about the fill.
  5. that kasr is fire, that lightup is wack
  6. Strife, there goes all my respect for you. That shits FUCKED up. Dont go posting people identity because you got beef with em.
  7. Ghost, i found ur shit in the tunnels next to a CHILDRENS park in nova. A small ass tunnel too. In the Middle of the burbs. Thats some hardcore shit...... And theres already an amak, And he burns the FUCK out of all of you. Go home to your catholic family and stay the fuck of our bridges. -FairfaxCounty Police Department
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