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  1. Yo, your bitch got toilet seat marks on her ass
  2. Shut the fuck up. I'll smash your window again and solo, throw me your new address, punk. State your name you faggot weak ass bitch. I wanna know who in OH is gonna front like they got nuts when they all dive into the living room an front like no ones home. Seriously. The only motherfucker I can take serious is Arch and let's see this motherfucker try and deal with anything solo. Motherfucker needs a crew for moral support just to drop off resumes. Fuck off.
  3. Yo, to the new jacks coming up. Sketch, forreal. For the kids who should be better with the time they've had, sketch. The graffiti in here fucking sucks. There's no reason for it to be this shitty. That Paje and Jon (change your name, by the way.) has reason to be shitty, the rest doesn't. Posting panels is dumb, just because you never got to see flicks doesn't mean that it hasn't been done.
  4. I heard you chumps moved to a new hood. SKC ain't a dick so keep it out of your mouth.
  5. Slots is getting really good, there's a lot going on in that piece. Big, big ups man.
  6. That chrome and black Berzerker is fucking gangster; really feelin it.
  7. SLOTS, YOU GOD DAMN FUCK!! AHHHH!! BIGGUPS!!! I've always fancied that spot. :( PS, i'm glad you didn't fall through the roof.
  8. Yo, make a habit to wear gloves. They're starting to fingerprint cans.
  9. man, this is what i like to see! great job on re-hashing the old flicks guys!
  10. old graffiti please. most new graffiti sucks. im also sick of seeing facebook flicks of 15 year old girls that have half clipped tags or pieces in them. as well as unamusing youtube videos that use graffiti as a "hip" background. either post the full tag and/or piece or nothing. seriously. i feel immature enough coming onto the internet to look at pictures of graffiti without seeing constant flicks of little kids who just learned how to apply make up.
  11. *** jim carry, word. it sucks, but word. youre a cool actor
  12. i guess ill stop there go to evil forces at fall down gallery
  13. i heard OH hides when they get rolled on.
  14. good job on the stitch sneak, shame you caught it when it was unfinished :( we finished it up today if you find yourself in the area lookin to stitch another photo
  15. break out some old flicks sneak!
  16. its impressive how you OH kids are so desperatly crying for attention in a game thats based on crying for attention. the wind will not blow sand over this shit. you'll be seen by someone you pissed off one day. could be next week. could be next year. youre basing your pathetic beef on a current time line. not knowing how it'll bite you in the ass in the future. lol. keep it up guys. just when you least expect it. walkin around in st henri all drunk as fuck on 40s. you'll be spotted. slippin. its a small world. and montreal isnt that big of a city. you wont even chirp cats in their own city. you go outta town to chirp ottawa heads. hahahaha~~ stay spineless.
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