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  1. an empty stomach absorbs more nutrients then a full one. breakfast is important because your body draws from its reserve like muscle and stored nutrients when there is nothing in your stomach to digest, plus in the morning your brain is flooded with activity bc it goes from complete rest to full on awareness and mobility.


    oh yeah and this.


  2. ^^^^ dope pics.

    that second one is pure fire. i found an article on the dude. here is it







    Suspect in `Chaka' graffiti charged



    Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) -

    Thursday, December 13, 1990


    Marc Igler



    A man believed to be the

    king of Southern California graffiti was

    charged Wednesday with 20 criminal

    counts of vandalism for allegedly

    tarnishing thousands of buildings and walls --

    including many in the South

    Bay. Authorities say they believe Daniel R______, 18,

    is responsible for

    spray-painting the name "Chaka" on up to 10,000 locations


    California, causing at least $500,000 in damage. "The extent of the


    damage makes this the worst case of graffiti vandalism we have seen in


    Angeles or heard of anywhere else in the nation," said Los Angeles City

    Attorney James Hahn. In the South Bay, investigators said Ramos' distinctive

    graffiti stained several walls along the beach as well as overpasses and


    of the San Diego and Century freeways. Wednesday's charges bring to 48


    number of misdemeanor counts filed against Ramos since he was arrested

    Nov. 28

    in Lincoln Heights while drawing his name on a traffic pole. The

    Boyle Heights

    resident, who lives in a local housing project, allegedly

    proclaimed, "I am the

    famous Chaka!" when he was arrested, police said.

    Ramos has pleaded innocent to

    the 28 initial charges and is being held on

    $10,000 GRAFFITI/A6GraffitiFROM PAGE

    A1bail. Each count is punishable by up

    to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

    Arraignment on the new charges is

    set for Dec. 20. Hahn said prosecutors want

    Ramos to be sentenced to jail,

    then receive a substantial community service term

    that would focus on

    cleaning up graffiti. Deputy City Attorney Peter Shutan, who

    is handling the

    case, said Ramos is not a gang member but was part of a group of


    known as a "crew." "They're basically a bunch of taggers who go


    putting their names on everything they can find," said Shutan, who

    specializes in gang -related cases. "That's what a crew lives for. It's


    raison d'etre." "There's no question Ramos was the most prolific

    graffiti artist

    in that crew and is the most prolific we've ever seen. Most

    of the sitings of

    his handiwork are in central Los Angeles, but there have

    been many from the

    South Bay area." Ramos apparently selected the word

    "Chaka" as his graffiti

    nickname from a character on the television show

    "Land of the Lost." "It's a

    children's show. I guess he just liked the

    character," Shutan said. "Chaka"

    graffiti ranged from simple scrawlings on

    utility poles to elaborate,

    multicolored murals that took hours to complete

    on the sides of buildings and

    freeway retaining walls. One of Ramos'

    favorite victims was Southern Pacific

    railway cars because they carried his

    moniker hundred of miles to distant

    cities, Shutan said. Southern Pacific

    officials estimate the alleged vandal

    caused about $30,000 worth of property

    damage. In addition, authorities in

    Fresno are investigating "Chaka"

    graffiti that caused $6,000 damage to a water

    tower. The same name and

    distinctive bubble letters also appear on fixed

    locations as far south as

    Orange County and as far north as San Francisco.

    Section: NEWSPage: A1Index

    Terms: NEWS; GRAFFITI. VANDALISM.Record Number:

    0000318415Copyright ©

    1990, Daily Breeze, All Rights Reserved




    its sad i did the same research and all i could find was new stuff.

    still better then nothing.

  3. bump this dude.

    im from nyc and its rare that a west coast head has a "skeme/style wars" influence in his style. i wish there were some flicks on this thread, i read some of the posts and i can only imagine. ive seen a channel 7 news report on the dude via youtube but i have only seen a hand full of flicks. here is the link if you havent seen it already. dude was an LA pioneer for sure.

  4. i thought it did

    nothings safe these days

    greeting from my corner of the earth

    this nightshot for you fn



    iiiiiiiiiiiii looooooooooove new yoooooooooooork


    citing 80's nyc tourism commercial yall remember them shits?



    ^^^^^1987 forty duce ^^^^



    ^^^^^1987 getting on at 42ndst station^^^^

    (anybody know what line?)

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