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  1. yyeahhhhh dot dot doting ... I think imma change my name to dotcom (.com) prettty sick ?loll
  2. haha fuckin shoe polish markers ... u spit on it n it starts to fade away .... LMAO fuckin toys .... keep em kommin paul .
  3. LOLLL oooo how I enjoy your wacky adventures paul .... everyone is doin it these days we should all make a CLUB ... or is it called a "krew"?
  4. yeah im juss a toy ... im sorry I didn't noe I was talkin to a legend
  5. ok lemme get this str8 soo u say post pix of my shit n wen I do u accuse me of lying ok soo wat am I suppose to do to prove THAT to u now .... ? please explain .. ooo and yes there's a LA shoutout kuz im from LA moved here for reasons I won't say on the net ..... well that's juss my "ranting" for the morning ... -RESPER8 K4AC
  6. lol o i didnt paint that ?? ok whatever u say ... and yes thats VA ... staunton, virginia
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