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  1. yeh knocking ralph loren and nautica in one post. big call. death to cutoff's and ankle freezers.
  2. earo- more painting's needed! some of the sketches are on point but the pieces are lacking. constructive criticism
  3. haha really hope none of those rants were aimed at me.
  4. [/img] not finished. freestyle biro shit.
  5. [/img] oldie. feel like drawing so there might be something new up soon.
  6. [/img] [/img] sharpie scribbles and an old sketch
  7. feeling left out now, gona have to draw something up!
  8. wtf! dont even remember those tags ever being done.... remove please !
  9. [/img] [/img] [/img] few quick sketches, btw im well aware the finger on the character's fucked. it was a very quick biro sketch
  10. not to sound like a dick. but i think you're wrong. not that i like the retro.
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