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  1. The latest from our buddy! Raymond Scott Tylicki, 42, of Solon, Ohio, pleaded guilty to one count each of defiant trespass and harassment, as a summary offense. He was arrested by Jim Thorpe police on July 12 for entering the Through The Looking Glass restaurant, at 111 Broadway, after previously being told not to enter the business. He also was cited for harassing a waitress in the business. In a plea agreement with the district attorney's office, Nanovic sentenced him to serve 30 to 60 days in the county prison on the trespass count with credit for 34 days already served. However, he must serve the full 60 days and will not be released until he can establish a residence to live. On the harassment charge he was fined $100.
  2. Larry Penn has caught the Westbound. Larry was a good singer and he will be mssed. Pass your stories of Larry here.
  3. Britt's Bad Points: No drinking in the camp. This has bounced so many times, one year we even had the mayor having a few beers with us. It's usually the so-called real riders who screw it up by over indulging and pissing all over the place. One year it got so bad that some of the riders were stripping in front of children at the local pool. No dogs: I can't figure that out either. Everyone I see with a dog has taken care of it and it's waste. As to the ceremonies, who knows? It's the same thing every year. I've tried to introduce new things bit by bit. The biggest problem is that the "real riders" and the town won't compromise on either side. The town doesn't realize that the riders are a rougher than usual bunch and the riders won't clean up a bit to meet the public. The good points of Britt. It's the only public enity that will allow hobos to camp without hassle for a week. They provide a small shelter and a shower facility (riders, please use it). It's the only place where a hobo has a place to be buried. It's the only known place with a museum for hobos. Also to set the record straight, Steamtrain Maury, Hood River Blackie and Feather River John created the Hobo Foundation. The city of britt has nothing to do with it. The Foundation handles the Museum and the Grave sites. The city handles the Jungle park. The Hobo Days Committee handles the carnival and flea market and other celebrations.
  4. Amory is this weekend. It's mostly the older hobos and the camping is in a public park. It's also a dry county. May not be much fun for a younger rider.
  5. Pete Seeger, the man considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary folk music who inspired legions of activist singer-songwriters, died Monday. He was 94. Seeger's best known songs include "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)" and "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)." His grandson Kitama Cahill Jackson says that the singer died of natural causes at New York Presbyterian Hospital on Monday evening.
  6. Dear Friends, As most of you know the 1994 Hobo King, Sidedoor Pullman Kid, was buried in a cemetery for the lost and forgotten in Phoenix, AZ in 2008. It was Sidedoor's wish to be buried in Britt, but with no known relatives it has taken some time to get this accomplished. Since 2008 several of us have been working to bring Sidedoor home. Good news! We finally have a breakthrough in our efforts to have is body exhumed, cremated and brought to Britt for burial in the Hobo Memorial Cemetery. Unfortunately, this will cost $3,500 to accomplish. We are asking for donations to help toward returning Sidedoor Pullman Kid to his proper burial place. Checks can be made payable to: Sidedoor Pullman Burial Fund and should be sent to: Sidedoor Pullman Burial Fund, c/o First State Bank, P.O. Box 8, Britt, IA 50423. Thanks in advance for your contribution. Sincerely, Connecticut Shorty
  7. You wouldn't say that if you met him, he's a thief (will steal from you as well as from anyone else while he's travelling with you) Will cause you trouble with authorities for the sake of causing trouble and generally never pay for anything while he travels with you.
  8. He's been busted again in Ohio. This time for assault. Check out http://www.ohiobusted.com put in Raymond Tylicki.
  9. Folks, Fran's Daughter has given me permission to maintain the "Grapevine". I have moved it to hobo.com. If you wish anything posted there, email me frank@hobo.com
  10. I agree Kabar, Britt has not been "reality" for a long time. It's a "Sturgis" type event. These guys were out in the open way too much. Taking a super long trip for the first time is always a mistake. My first trip was a short one (dunsmuir to K-falls). Now its more fun for me on a bike.
  11. Just a short note: Danville Dan has caught the Westbound! A good man and he will be missed.
  12. I havent ben to new york for awhile. I guess times are a'changin'.
  13. The funniest thing is, they are trying to sell this stuff to people who can't afford it, don't want it and have no need for it. You aren't going to buy $150 sneakers if you eat out of a dumpster.
  14. As much as I enjoyed the picture, very few women in the world of freight hopping look like that or would wear a bikini. You are really barking up the wrong tree here.
  15. There is a gathering at Black Butte in Dunsmuir CA, to coincide with Dunsmuir RR Days. Also Galesburg ,IL has their RR Days Festival too.
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