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  1. sime runnin shit like exlax..haha
  2. just shut the fuck up unless u got good fliks 2 post if not dont even bother coming on here
  3. yea u suck quit calling out my homies on shit u know nuthing about, 4 all u know grumps cold b a fucking legend or sum shit, u dont know who ur talkin 2, u dont get up u post wack fliks from way out in the cut sumwhere in maryland( aint nuthing wrong with maryland , i post fliks from there 2 but of writers that also get up in dc) keep ur fliks and comments 2 urself unless u would like 2 keep getting clowned
  4. that eon and strike wall is crack
  5. i caught a syck tag out moco on the highway
  6. thas wat im talkin bout shun
  7. it would b funny as shit if they got popped 4 vandalism, im suprised no 1 has caught them capping shit yet its been goin on 4 a while now
  8. that pose is horrible
  9. ^no bullshit, wut up with part 2
  10. ur write those tunnels arent in dc, but they do hold some dc history, there is some exacto, and some other old school heads down there, but everything there is garbage with the exception of the old heads, and lightup and sirus who r pretty good
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