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  1. I'de love to be making some money doing art. Aren't you writers doing that too? Pimping that graff? I've seen the art shows... Anyway i dont consider it pimping i consider it bizz. Get your money! And respect your fellows!
  2. hahaha go es . they love to hate!
  3. just when you thought it was safe, back burners on back burners
  4. motherfuckers were born in the 90s
  5. One day in a time far away, you will realize your own foolishness, and regret sharing your toy ass opinion, and maybe , just maybe at that point you will have a higher regard for others and what they have to offer in expression of their personal experience. Have you noticed that people only change when they are ready? & that to take advantage of wisdom being available to you at all times, you cant be bothered?.. No matter what the bronx is doing.. why should portland be more like the bronx? do you enjoy the idea of more drugs & violence? I like peace. But really dont answer that , and dont respond to my post. Stir the pot but keep your bacon bits. The real needs something more hearty. The new is in every moment present. N only through realness and vision will the style or ability be improved. Maybe we should bomb less, draw more,,. Talk less n listen more.
  6. Open wide, and try not to bite
  7. the bando ctk thread is a must see
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