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  1. watch it, dude might run you down doing 90 in a 45. or
  2. and this was a few days later.. hes hit or miss lol.
  3. ..well, its better than not posting anything.. or arguing
  4. that looks like a rough neighborhood.. bump
  5. you should does some hangdown's and catch extinguisher tags' that says thise words.
  6. there is absolutely nothing wrong with our educational system
  7. god, krylon used to be so good back in them days.
  8. if were going with the "money where the mouth is" model of thinking, you can think of it like this; keph is poor so he doesn't have anything to put where his mouth is
  9. wait, so this dude keph came out here talking shit at rock and taking cheap shots, and hes just speaking his mind? and because rock is not only a better writer, but a bigger man for not wasting his time shit talking, hes a pussy... ok bud, stay dum.
  10. this is getting all fight club.. im so confused??
  11. :huh: fonse among others, who cares though?
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