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  1. BLTZ


    this stuff has barely even touched the surface of louisville graff, once I get a camera Ill grab some picks from the west end, honestly Im suprissed that the Dark Vodka Colab on the rooftop on broadway hasnt been posted. Just wait Slugger city is gonna expload
  2. the members of Sublime are Drug enthusiasts Yea I didnt know they did any thing other than smoke and drink for a while but then again that was when I WAS 9 How could you not know they mention drugs in just about every song they have. They are not meth heads they have just experienced a shit load of drugs I consider a Meth head to be someone that is addicted to meth which brad, eric, n bud are/were not If anything you would haveto call Brad a Hippy since the origion of the name hippy comes from opium addicts which brad ended up turning into I dont think they are over rated sublime is
  3. xeqt(execute), zwoa, Ayge
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