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  1. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
  2. Again, im sorry guys about the big pictures...
  3. Now where did you find a 120min on the shelf still laying around? Nice find. Drank a 2011 120 minute the other day. Aging well! Also to the Hill Farmstead beers, awesome score on the Juicy. I don't beleive Hill Farmstead distributes, so someone hooked you up! Every beer i've traded for from them was phenomenal.
  4. Rad! I've had BT and CR but I've yet to try Grey Monday, that picture was my buddies bottle he got from his alottment. That's one of my elusive white buffaloes i haven't gotten a hold of. I'm thinking of signing up for the society when they open registration this fall. I do a whole lot of trading on beeradvocate so I'm constantly getting new stuff. Cheers all!
  5. 2012 (left) and a wax top 2009 (right) Drinking them side by side, and of course the 2009 was better. but mixing 2 oz. of each together into one glass was TASTY.
  6. None of the following pictures are stolen. These are my beer-ventures. I apologize in advance about the excessively large photo's.
  7. That stone with chipotle was god awful... Had it in a bottle one night, didnt like it. Found it on tap and thought i might as well, and i couldnt do it still.. I dont know if i didnt like the beer itself, or if i didnt like the chipotle alone. any thoughts from people who like the porter by itself, and chipotle by itself?
  8. Shit man, i fell off here hard! i've been stuck on BeerAdvocate alot, work, going to vegas next week, been going on road trips to breweries! Ill PM you and lets something up. Fist666- from Crooked Stave i honestly want anything, but i'm highly interested in... - Persica L'Brett D'Or Oculus
  9. I'm really wondering that as well, my buddy owns a craft beer bar/bottle shop over here, and he gave me this one the other day. I had one about a year ago. (2009 B.Shugga, drank it feb. 2012), but i was already kind of drunk that night so i dont really remember. What state are you in? interested in a trade? (not for the b.shugga, lol sorry.)
  10. Been doing alot of trades on Beer Advocate, thought i'd see if anyone on here would want to trade as well? Here is my cellar, wish it was bigger, but i can dig it.. http://www.cellarhq.com/cellar/MontereyBay831 Fist666- since you're in that area, can you get your hands on any Crooked Stave?! (i'm really stoked on my 2007 Abyss, 2011 Dark Lord, and 2013 Hunahpu)
  11. Cheers Fist666! you ready for another trade? I got some really really good beers since we've last spoke. pictures to come soon guys. Here's a hint. (Bell's, Founders, FFF, and CCB ) ;)
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