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  1. what yall know bout the boul........
  2. proper ass english nigga...
  3. stream of what? ...fall back buddhist !!! and chill with your capitalizations... this the internet..streams of misspelling and grammer and shit.. FAKE ASS APPALACIA FAGOT!!!
  4. YO! blue colla dollaz! what you doin? framing? duct work? insulater boul? what you making the bill$ wit? yall hiring? im trying to get some work. straight up? i can do some electrical, drive a car, wallpaper, ..whatever! fit in where you git in!!!!!
  5. yo... the bunny think it funny... young boul bout to break out on some ..HOP-HOP-HOP shit!!! REAL FUCKIN RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yo g!!!! fall the fuck back!!! morganton killlaz!!! what yall know bout cholesteral levels niga!! heart attack #1 killa in deeeeeez developmental tract housingz!!!!
  7. on a serious note.. this is bangin.
  8. jaM-maZterSKE3T K1LL1N da GAM3!!
  9. 1)get a camera 2)take pictures of cats, rabbits and dogs. 3)visit the website "photobucket.com" 4)create an account and sign in. 5)using the upload feature, upload the pictures you took of cats, rabbits and dogs. 6)right-click copy the code provided by photobucket under your uploaded photograph of a dog, cat, or rabbit. 7)right-click paste the code in the space provided at the bottom of the page of the Philly thread. or look for the button labeled "new reply" on the top left hand side of the 12oz page. 8)repeat for each photograph you want to post to 12oz. after you get these simple steps down, try the advanced techniques listed below. ADVANCED USERS: 1)after posting pictures, start arguments with others who are posting pictures also. 2)take the internet super seriously and get mad often. 3)create multiple screen names in order to talk shit and "bump" yourself. 4)act authoritatively. *notes: this is best done while having two seperate tabs open in your internet browser. also, this is assuming you are using a windows based computer.
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