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  1. Re: writers in action!


    This shit just shows once again the stupidity of Euro writers.... How could anyone have a yard so chill that you pull this kinda shit an expect not to blow your spot??



    here we go again comments from the land of what do we take with us to the yard:


    -20 pizzas

    -a 6 pack

    - the BBQ

    a well lets bring the girlfriends 2!!!

    dont think the cows in the field next to the trains can be bothered

  2. Re: writers in action!


    this thread would be awesome, but i hate looking at all the trash ass european graffiti. BLEH:rolleyes:



    jesus doesnt the flow of ignorant little US toys ever stop? go paint your rolling garbage cans boy. dont forget to bring your beer and BBQ's to your o so difficult spot

  3. a- isnt that a moderator call?


    b- since noone is posting classic transit fliks at the moment (including you) this is keeping the thread alive.


    BS. i dropped some flicks a page or 2 back.


    c- i think the people who visit and participate in this thread routinely appreciate the value of THESE freights and dont mind seeing them here. noone has objected but you.


    again: 99% of the other topics are about freights. keep em there






    maybe you're some kind of freight hater - which is fine, its your opinion - but i dont think anyone cares THESE freights are being posted. sorry to disappoint - but its not all about you, mate.


    I dont mind seeing them but in the right topic thats all. bring on the true stuff.

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