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  1. Horray for myspace and facebook my hump count went way up with those things haha
  2. Yesss DEF.KFM/CDK. the 90s def not the new one...power scribes on hella buses. I havent seen that guy since he got outta jail and that was yeeears ago. Bump Gosa back in seattle for a hot second. JJW and eat worms are girls...super hot too but wouldnt let me smash
  3. Im sure that was done by bles
  4. How ironic that Dan wrote syco.....whos tryin to get up on some Jezel memorials I want to get as many people together as possible. sooner than later
  5. Is that a Jezel in the bottom left corner in pink?...RIP
  6. Hymn 2 and graves next to each other....you'll never see that again!
  7. Fuck that whole thing its bitten so hard I cant believe it....Can Twos characters and miss vain chick. Epic can eat a dick. Toy
  8. Haha that looks like your block. they be deep at lowes too bright and early
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