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  1. anyone got the hendrix 3D with the speakers on the newtown globe around 98?
  2. aarrrrrrrggghnrhrhrhahshdhdijbqwdejvcbefjsvhclkwefrdsfv!!!!!!!!!!
  3. @Metronome, yeah cheers for the Necrophagist link, been onto it since you posted. its good, but its kind of like getting laid after doing time, lots of anticipation, lots of awesome stuff going on really fast and next thing you know its over... reminds me of my first listen to legion when it was released, all 30 minutes of it! Much appreciated either way!
  4. What about hitting up some record executives and bling bling rappers that actually owe Herc something...
  5. there are a lot of businesses that should be chipping in on this since they cashed in on what dude helped kick off eg, Technics, Vestax etc, multiple companies in the industry and all these fake ass fuckin hipster rapper bling bling cunts. it will never happen though... Rip Chuck Schuldiner.
  6. haha, i was referencing Jerk TCF tag on last page snowman, chill...
  7. quit getting angry on a forum. for this to be a true Sydney thread it is imperative that there be shit talk... post a flick.
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