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  1. there is 20% off sushi after 10:00 pm on robson..It was lee's fav spot.
  2. 20% off sushi lol!!! Miss you buddy.. r.i.p. Lee Matasi
  3. Just steal montana. You can find it in almost every art store these days. Kids are pussies.
  4. ^ thats your regular stash out here dude!
  5. He had a chance to explain it face to face last night and he bitched out......Shits weak........ No clout wanna be moron....take that 2 letter homo shit to the streets....
  6. For posting a photo? You sound like a 16 year old kid. Get a fucking life loser. I bet I'd burn you, and beat you down.....drop a name or BEAT IT.You're a pussy that feeds on the negativity of a internet forum...nameless homo. Im LIVING my dreams, are you?
  7. Its called make up. And "bitch" just happens to be my fiance...Use kinder words next time
  8. HOSER X4!!! Tosar uskay 2002 DEMOS and HAM......Tree man to!
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