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  1. bump good graffiti...about to go take some flikks whats good w some new shit?
  2. Camel_Toe

    O'CLOCK 156

    a true savage.
  3. Camel_Toe

    BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF Official Thread.

    this thread cracks me up, so much beef.
  4. those high up puz and jabs and the tug tavern, clownin.
  5. that kid is a fucking idiot. havent people learned not to reach for a. cellphones b. wallets or c. your 9mm when a cop has his gun pointed at your face. fuck police. i paint just to piss you off.
  6. flick drought. bump the cbiskit for sure.
  7. bump the wholecars for sure. a lot of quality flicks in the last two pages.
  8. bump swype in the 206. and bump catching the buff in action. stupid fucks.
  9. i want to throw up. a lot of that shit was pure comedy.
  10. bump the onre throw up top. shit is clean.
  11. bump glow in the dark katsu.