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  1. The alcoholic at home kit = Plendy for roomtemp gatorade sip, dont gulp. water, Pepto liquid or pils, which ever is easier, Natural Vlarian Root for anxitys shackes, and helps premote sleep, melatonin, look inoto sleep-hygyine. mulitiple trashbas preopened for vomit kept ans and over the counter benadryal. you can also try with noise.


    no try all at works but u got options.

  2. whats ur drinking history? how much? how long?


    are you taking anything to get you thru withdrawl. physical shit lasts up to 48 hours and then you think you are fine and then BAM SEIZURE TIME!

  3. aquire law and rights knowledge, allow 1 swing and fight comences under self defense mode. i'm not wasting my schooling over a stupid fight that is gonna be reviewed by an ethics board.

  4. shelbytuatara.jpg




    Step aside, Ultimate Aero — your replacement has arrived. The Shelby Supercars Tuatara ($TBA) is the latest creation from the exotic car maker, and features a striking carbon fiber body design, a 7.0L twin turbo V8 good for roughly 1350hp, a seven-speed manual or SMG transmission, and one piece carbon fiber wheels. Otherwise it's pretty mysterious, much like the New Zealand reptile for which it's named.

  5. Its Good To Be Back Nikkas, Just Got Out Of 8 Months Of Treatment!!!!


    how was the 8 month bid? i thinkin i'm lookin at a 6 month bid pretty soon. any info would be cool.

  6. if Sword can seee this PM me man cuz i found a place for you 6 months, free. but it

    s for serious people only.


    also i'm not spamming i've talked to Sword predominantly in PM's to keep well what he got banned for off the forum but i hope this gets to him one way or another.

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  7. when jumping into a lake from a boat i am freaked out that my legs/feet will

    hit something. so right after i jump in i keep my legs tucked up until i swim to the surface


    shit i was doing it this past weekend at the lake. we were in the middle of the

    lake where it's about 65ft deep but i still thought i was gonna hit something


    by tucking ur feet u have a better chance of something going up ur bunghole which, medicaly, could be worse. i feel you, nohomo

  8. If you drink to get drunk you're just doing it the way it's supposed to be done.

    Nobody drinks to be sober.

    That's like drinking coffee to get sleepy.


    And binge drinking involves a LOT more than 4 fucking drinks.

    Binge drinking is drinking until you black out and/or or pass out.

    Stop gaying up the internets with your Canadianisms.





    Law of similarsHahnemann observed from his experiments with cinchona bark, used as a treatment for malaria, that the effects he experienced from ingesting the bark were similar to the symptoms of malaria. He therefore decided that cure proceeds through similarity, and that treatments must be able to produce symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease being treated.[38] Through further experiments with other substances, Hahnemann conceived of the law of similars, otherwise known as "let like be cured by like" (Latin: similia similibus curentur)[39][40] as a fundamental healing principle. He believed that by using drugs to induce symptoms, the artificial symptoms would stimulate the vital force, causing it to neutralise and expel the original disease and that this artificial disturbance would naturally subside when the dosing ceased.[38] It is based on the belief that a substance that in large doses will produce symptoms of a specific disease will, in extremely small doses, cure it.


    Hahnemann's law of similars is an ipse dixit axiom,[8] in other words an unproven assertion made by Hahnemann, and not a true law of nature.[9]

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