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  1. Re: Wholecars part 2 bump. euro cats
  2. I saw A RUETS tag next to that red Ghoul..but when was ruets in seattle?
  3. i am the graff god....this guy is a clown. hahaha
  4. second and third...those handstyles on the first are pretty sloppy...but nice post. looks european.
  6. shablam, shasquizzle, shazayam, and shaboom...gettin grimey computer style. shittt.. i know how ya do it. straight gangster.
  7. i heard JA went over saber's piece because saber went over JA's late homie's piece. im no saying thats true, but it wouldnt be reason to go over the biggest piece ever. bump saber...
  8. adios had some shit runnin in seattle for a sec. looks like tko back up here tho. bump ADIOS!
  9. i met EDUBS KYT DTC a while ago, and hes a real chill dude. told me about that saer cat. that shits hot. bump bump bump Kill Yo Telly
  10. Re: Crushed Trucks damn dude..those are some sick trucks..i love the fact that they are trucks. i cant get over it...i just love these trucks...i wish i could see these trucks on the street someday..trucks trucks trucks.:D
  11. i saw some MALVO WWL BC shit on a billboard in l.a. i was so surprised..and it was silver tags.haha
  12. you mean die is ouch? what are you talking about. clear it up.
  13. shypher???^^ are you from seattle? because i have never seen anything crossed out by shypher
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