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  1. that mario looks like he wants to whoop some ass! dope
  2. lincoln park hs i used to go do fills behind robinson ribs during my lunch break just to get my itch in during school hours then riding the cta after
  3. i see msk...... tds getting it in and for you kids that dont know its not the crew
  4. hey i got some for 120$ ITS CHEAP made with silk for hot and sunny days
  5. gang bang city......wild motherfu.kers
  6. yall r funny it should only take a glow stick and duck tape to take out a block full of street lights if u dont know well good luck finding out if not good luck on ur mission
  7. wu tang clan aint nothing to fuck with
  8. bigl........herts........fact...........to name a few
  9. nice to see SPOK getting up is that the same one from the 90's uac j4f
  10. herts got that nice steelo and he bee doing it up all over
  11. http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/wan/1694923901.html
  12. so is ownem writing owne for short now
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