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  1. Nice, the hbak runs it for a first down and a couple yards
  2. The lighting makes it one of the most proper photos of a piece ever too. It actually looks like its floating in air on the right, the shines make sense, and the 3-d is facing us the correct way too. and it looks like it is painted on the biggest brown bricks of all time...
  3. My dog is mad at Buschell
  4. Gonna reshoot a few of these but here's a rough draft... Oneofthe sickest faces i did ever see... and that hat, gad damm. It just brings it together. Naturally I gotta balance the praise with this: http://www.adultswim.co.uk/videos/tim-and-eric-awesome-show/tiny-hats seriously snarly bro
  6. Is a zebra fill a 99c dusty fill? if soooo im trying to be about it... its like some super cut watery flood the city budget style shiz. Homie needs to get on that Noahs arc two letter though? My mom said that there are too many As everywhere, and gets it already. Mountain Dew and Wine Mixers all night. Here is an excerpt of a poem I wrote: I should be crazy, The only reason I'm not manic, is I'm too lazy
  7. someones burning holes in my digital negatives!!!
  8. yo komik! cheeto and waldo are wierd,bhg knows what we wanna hear in middleschool, 125?, 7Seas has one of the most original names of all time, Ich gross
  9. If I wait for the count down it downloads fine...
  10. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2SHZ6K3X (sorry you gotta download the bitch.) This kid from Louisville was asked to do a quick piece for a high school project. He just like busted! Like freestyle off the top of the dome, and I was like damn bro... You might be kinda decent. Maybe. Like that line you did is totally not straight. Stay huffin though! Homeboi is gonna get ragged on! He went over some banging Rise piece and clipped a bubbalicious Raems AMFM... what a dipshit. Graffiti is the children!
  11. I am paranoid. but peep the magazine. if one person could say that shit is dope, maybe i could start smoking weed again
  12. Im constantly thinking my girlfriend is cheating on me, however i just peed inbetween a good girlfriends leegs whilst she peet. i was a little pee shy and could only trinkle a little. .. i hope she didnt judge me. my dick is a good size your dick is too small for eyes. these are the things that give me joy, kinda. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RMKDLHE3 its a draft, lemme know what u think I want to find a minilla envelope and have yall do letters for "the pack." everybody do a letter or two. and send it to me.
  13. Above Krusin Around Smiliing Cid Kudi Save Your Wits?! Konstantly Flying Cupids Fuck beef, I like cheese and corn bits in my poopoo
  14. you are now too high, just imagine someone saying that, laugh.
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