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  1. well graffiti barely started in the city of iguala but in Mexico city it must be pretty lenient because theres tags, huge pieces, mop tags anything you could probably imagine and its all unbuffed.
  2. hell yea bro those people live in some of the worst living conditions, but for some reason it has alot of tourism i guess people wanna see the real mexico not just the actual tourist attractions you see on the television.
  3. Ceok billboard sorry for the crappy flick taken from a moving car at 80 mph these are the attached files.
  4. the last 3 pics are in mexico city and the rest are iniguala in the state of guerrero
  5. Iguala,Guererro Mexico City, Mexico these are the attached images.
  6. Re: CHICAGO'S VERY OWN "BADCREW"2005 A couple of BAD crew pics i had.
  7. damn all these pics make me wanna go visit down there props to all yall throwin down and big ups to CBS and MSK i seen alot of sick pics from these crews.
  8. well im gonna have to second that. That movie is worth buying and you could probably never get tired of it. i know i havent.
  9. DONT FORGET HORROR PUNK! THE MISFITS- SKULLS the corpses all hang headless and limp bodies with no surprises and the blood drains down like devil's rain we'll bathe tonight i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls demon i am and face i peel to see your skin turned inside out, 'cause gotta have you on my wall gotta have you on my wall, 'cause i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls go collect the heads of little girls and put 'em on my wall hack the heads off little girls and put 'em on my wall oh oh i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls whoa
  10. i'd have to agree with you on this because that movie is actually pointless it pokes fun at mexican people more than help them out it and whats more messed up the director was mexican!
  11. thats true all america did was take what wasnt theres and now they are worried that we are taking back what was ours in the first place. seriously though who else is gonna take all these below minimum wage jobs?! no one thats who! so damn! If you take every immigrant out of this country this economy is going to hell and if you guys like to eat some fruit now and then, kiss em good bye cuz there is not going to be anyone to pick em for you!!! so think about what you guys seriously want before you speak man! Chicago
  12. ok seriously how many of you guys are gonna volunteer for all these jobs in the fields once they kick the immigrants out? im guessing none of you because you dont want to get paid almost nothing an hour to just to pick some other persons fruit and vegetables. anyways wasnt this country made from immigrants! i dont recall those pilgrims being here already im pretty sure they immigrated from europe!
  13. we should post mad XMEN/UAC flicks up on here so im just gonna have to grab my camera and go scouting for some pics!
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