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  1. business as usual http://getfreshtv.blogspot.com/
  2. Nice one man cheers to many more in the pipe line this year
  3. New mags out people with a free old skool mixtape http://thegraffmanincorporated.blogspot.com/ http://www.myspace.com/thegraffmaninc
  4. cheers timo, been a while since i seen you, kinda funny because a friend of mine was askin about you the otherday. yeah it was kinda an old skool idea pure freestyle and nothing too neat just a bit of a clean up mission but yeah i remember them days well mate.. thanks sire
  5. Nice one theory, gotta keep busy mate you know me. yeah we should link up mate terra yes there is a few bits happening over the winter months mate and yep im still collecting sketches.
  6. There is stuff getting painted its just people are opting not to post.
  7. YOUTHS CAUSE £1,000 DAMAGE TO MUSEUM Be the first reader to comment on this story 09:30 - 24 September 2007 Vandals have caused around £1,000 worth of damage to the city's Silk Mill by daubing graffiti over the walls and smashing windows. Hoardings around the Cathedral Green development also suffered graffiti. The incident on Friday has prompted museum staff to release CCTV images of one of the culprits in the hope that people will provide information to police. The 14 graffiti tags and four smashed windows were discovered by staff at the Full Street museum when they arrived on Saturday morning. Gallery supervisor Steve Palmer said it would cost £50 to remove each tag and a couple of hundred pounds to repair the broken windows. He said: "It is very annoying, not only as a council employee but also on a personal note as it will be the taxpayers' money that pays for the repairs." Earlier this month the Evening Telegraph reported how a mosquito alarm, which can only be heard by youngsters, was one of a series of measures proposed to keep troublemakers away from the Silk Mill and Cathedral Green. The plan to install the high pitched alarm was in response to several incidents in the area, which includes one when staff saw 15 youths outside the Silk Mill, one of whom was carrying a ball-bearing gun. Derby City Council's cabinet need to approve the proposal. Alan Graves, cabinet member for culture, leisure and direct services, said it was disappointing to hear that the Silk Mill had been vandalised. He said: "I don't understand why they feel it is necessary to spray things on property that does not belong to them."
  8. cheers man thats dislexia for ya though mate unfortunately, maybe its something you could be a part of mate. writing for it? i welcome new ideas if you are up to the challenge.
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