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  1. Whenever I racked from wallyworld where I ws from we filled a shoppingcart or 2 and the other cat caused a comotion while the other walked out. I only racked about once every 2 weeks. How the fuck am I supposed to get that much paint on my own... I have never had this problem. Its new to me...
  2. I just moved away from my beautiful place of residence to this ajcked up piece of shit small town wanna be a fucking city. NOBODY here wears pants. At least not anymore. The only pants still up have been lying in a ditch since I ran down the crack of my moms ass... So it looks like there used to be a scene here but from what I can tell the city cracked down hard enough that the pussies got scared and ran away without their pants. Which makes me worry about buying pants(NO I am not racking from Wally World). Where the fuck can I get them. I could hit up the local hardware stores b
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