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  1. it is ha. hey art get at me about that car :yuck:
  2. :haha: watch me shine like sam cassell's head. sum more...........
  3. Apes Mber and blunts :love2:
  4. :yuck: way to many to list. wheres that DUSTY ass black booty?
  5. 614 lb hippo :yuck: and what the fuck is with the cherries????????
  6. The dude that owned the place (in union station) was from 35th and villard in milwaukee :king:
  7. Aqua Each 2 and that narc :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
  8. :huh2: a whole post for that?? Solid benching. :haha:
  9. Damn those were good as hell. Thanks for looking and get at me sone.
  10. Fuck her shit! i wish her bumper would have smashed through her windshield. my shit got popped. $3,000 bucks b. :yuck:
  11. Peace to the dumb bitch that didnt see my YELLOW car. This is how i felt about it. Good lookin Soner but damn drive off into the .......... Happy benching and stay safe yall!!!!
  12. dont mind the double....... moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. hey welcome back lets bang this out for Mr. Shakey Pants. uno momento yo
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