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  1. Originally posted by Ashy_Larry@Jan 19 2006, 05:57 PM

    i get a kick out of freight posts, after the guy's done posting flicks, two dozen people come on and name a bunch of people they saw. it'd be different if you knew the guys personally and were giving a shout.. but when you're like 'eye.kwest.glue.nace' it's like, congratufuckinlations, you can read pieces and give daps online.



    its just about saying i enjoyed that flik you took. its nice to see that writers train. i see the same peoples shit all the time. i see these people and it motivates me to paint more, knowing theres other folks tearing it up out their. plus its like telling the person thanks for posting good pictures. maybe next time theyll put up more good pictures, you know what i mean.

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