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  1. This morning i was eating fishpie with white sauce and someone was talkin bout jizzin in the shower and it goes all hard

    Im eatin a fish now jus cut it in half and then came in this thread

    What do i just have to not be eatin wehn i visit this forum in future you bunch of jew rags

  2. i share a bed with my girl and i fart fuckin loads sometimes she makes me sleep on the floor


    when i was in a police cell over night i was smellin my farts cos they reminded me of home

  3. Re: Great Pictures~





    Thousands of racists in Sydney went on a rioting spree, breaking into homes in a Lebanese neighborhood and beating people, and attacking in the street anyone they thought might be of Arab descent.



    edit- anyone know how to get an image off flickr, that has all those boxes from people tagging, i wanna screenshot it without them

  4. Re: Great Pictures~


    There is not a single great picture on this page.


    Some cats lost the point.


    Cool or funny yes, great no.


    this photo is neither cool nor funny, its a rare insight into some of the terrible things that happen in this world, they rarely show things like this on the news, i think this photo brings on so much thought and emotion, i think its great.




    yeh that is a subway not a funicular

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