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  1. /\/uehs


    hek and tip write together? they look MUCH alike
  2. Fula you got any new nuer from downtown besides all these old flicks...?
  3. saw a LD etch in wendys bathroom in columbia today it had a tag with it but cant remember what it was
  4. Tucan is this shit still runnin....im guessing not? jeff fags
  5. and take all your beef on somewhere else... the internet aint the place to do it... post some flicks or get on somewhere.... yall know whos doin it real and who isnt so get all the shit out of your system on the streets.....
  6. yea its the same moses b/c i member LD next to it... hes got hella tags runnin down here....and i thought some were new? maybe im trippin....ill post some up soon if i can find some....MmuthafuckinVP
  7. ^^^^ same moses thats got hella tags runnin in columbia?
  8. Tucan hit me up sometime...we havent chilled in a hot minute...i made a few trips through downtown in the past week....streaks...silvers ya know i got some flicks tonight
  9. /\/uehs


    bombing flicks? ill be in naptown in two weeks....flicks flicks flicks
  10. stay motha fucking up WAR.... best wishes to him....fula you got fliks of that new shit under that bridge on broadway by your purple peice? post em up
  11. up at that scrap yard i got more.....ima make a trip up there tonight
  12. o yea and get you some of these....
  13. caught in the mo yesterday
  14. /\/uehs


    go to the missouri thread
  15. WORD...Sirius hit me up
  16. whats up with this wall? any recent flicks....or what happened to it? this was a few years back...pieces prolly been toyd by now
  17. guer got mad ups in stl...everyones shit revolves around some style...that comes from someone that came from somewhere else...bump guer....
  18. o yea and this one...nus is a herb
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