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Everything posted by BobSagatsKid

  2. snow? thats just spraypaint in the air
  3. always tryin to start some shit eh? - the dyst piece is fine - there was a toy ass bomb real close to it which is now under twine so quit yer noise
  4. http://www.myspace.com/losdedosmuertos
  5. oooof...didn't feel that one
  6. wait - did caspa actually go to cali? because those sticker heads like to trade and then put other pples shit up... i kiddd i kid
  7. THAT KASTER IS FIREEEEEEEE Gost had second thoughts?... like the new shit!! hopefully nsf won't decide to have another BBQ... oh yea and just because it seems to be the topic of discussion...that POSE SUCKS...
  8. damn - snatched this from the wooster collective website from NY woostercollective.com
  9. listen man... calling me a burning piece of wood really offends my elders... please...just shut the fuck up... BUMP TSC!!!! ---- fuck LOOSE BITCHES>>>>WOOOO
  10. maybe if your high lights weren't so stiff, the 3-Ds weren't going every which way, the colors were a bit hightened or just plain "good", you tried to maybe do a fill and experiment with some overlapping or some perspective you could really change the the entire "look" you might have been going for...oh..and you need some cut backs ... BUMP dame, erge, stab, asher, twine!!!
  11. fuck all this. glad i left.
  12. gayer than those fingers...
  13. no ...not accept the last one...and the robots
  14. don't people remember how to post on this shit? --- too bad baltimore can't keep a decent legal wall
  15. im sorry but is this someones back yard>>>????
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