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    i completely agree with Spitfire...

    Onions can and will ruin any meal.

    raw, grilled, red, carmelizied.... its all fucking sick.

    god, just thinking about is making me gag.... that fucking crunching sound and nasty ass flavor that follows...FUCK ONIONS.....

    on the other hand, submissive japanese girls are the jump off...

  2. Yea i was peeping Syfer's shit in that thread the other day.

    Seems like he destroyed shit out there.

    And speaking from experience of going on a few missions with this guy,

    Seattle definitely wasn't ready for that dude. Props.

  3. for the record, i thought both Forgotten City 1 and 2 were both entertaining. and i wasnt talking shit...

    hell, i had shit in the movies.

    saga, get at me.


  4. why don't YOU put naked chicks in YOUR movie.

    chicago= ungrateful fucks.


    did i say i didnt appreciate Pitbull's effort?

    Do you think its the PERFECT movie?

    there's always room for improvement... all i did was explain why that coke sniffing shouldve been gone or replaced by something else. And i said it in a way that, i thought, wouldnt get sand in anyone's pussy.

  5. Pitbulls,

    pure fiya has a point.

    I can care less really, but im bored.

    Bottom line, sniffing coke doesnt need to be including in a Graff movie. People want to see graffiti, not people doing coke. I could understand if it was funny... but the shit made nobody laugh, everyone saw that and was like "okaaayy...what was the point of that?".

    And I'm not dissing the movie, just that one part. So sheesh, dont come at me on some fuck you shit, im just saying, he's got a point... that was a pointless scene in the movie.

    You couldve showed us some naked girls doing nasty things... or someone getting beat the fuck up... why show us some loser sniffing a line?? you shouldve showed titties instead.

  6. Cecs is ether's/Mul's cheerleader... he'll post anything involving them or that will stir up gossip about ether or MUL.

    dickriding. Ur making them look bad...

    and please folks... that article is old bullshit...dont give anyone credit for pistol whipping anyone. "believe none of what you hear and half of what you see"

  7. Cyfer from Chicago is a fucking beast. Chicago is a very hard city to get over in, he managed to pull off some crazy shit here. So i can only imagine the kind of stuff he's doing there.

    If any of you have more flicks please post em up. He's a friend of mine and its just good to know that he's still alive and doing shit.

    but yea, Seattle is in for a good show.

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