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  1. Iiight 12oz. I got some serious news. Word on the grape vines is a nikka "LUIS OF CORONA" formerly known as "DADDY ZN ONE" but now currently reffered to as "THAT WHITE NIGGA WIT THE LONG HAIR WHO WEARS RED CAPRIES" recently got his wig chopped. So a nikka luisofcorona aka that white nigga aka ZN 2SAD RFW aka Fabio was chillin wit his mans WHORE A STORY, also known as ZIMP. Thats when CHURASCO came thru wit XXTHAKINGOFQUEENZXX wit the minivan. So it was these 4 niccas drivin around in the minivan gettin ready 2 go roller blading. They was drivin around havin a good time eatin ketchup packets and bumpin the new Drake mix tape. ThATS WHEN THIS NIKKA CHURASCO BIT INTO HIS 3RD KETCHUP PACKET AND IT EXPLODED ALL OVER LUIS OF CORONAS RED CAPRIS. it was no big deal since it was red ketchup on red capries but this nikka luis of corona said na cuz and demanded that churasco purchase him 2 shamrock shakes from mcdonalds in order to compinsate 4 the accident. Thas when this nikka Churasco threw his happy meal on the ground, took off his wife beater and str8 soul clapped this nikka. He gave him the rock bottom and the rakishi stink face.A nikka luis of corona's red capris got all dirty from the pavement. Churasco gave XXTHAKINGOFQUEENZXX a pound and proclaimed " i get it poppin nigga. u kno i does this nikka, it aint nothin 2 a nikka" and then went into his house 2 finish watching KungFu Panda 2. Luis of corona then got this tatoo right after the fight to make him self feel better 12133_1259321926508_1333460857_735031_3402863_n.jpg little did he know that he would get 97,000 views on worldstar hip hop the next day. Put it like this tho u talm bout this and that but who in ya squad got 97,000 views on worldstarhip hop in one day tho???? [/color][/size][/i][/b]


    This shit had a niggah rolling :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. Word up 90's BK!





    A member at Prowrestling.net claims these are the going rates for Chyna’s “services.”

    $3,500 for the first hour

    $1,500 each additional hour

    $10,000 24 hour

    $20,000 weekend





    reminds me of







  3. thats just disgusting on many levels u dudes go lookn 4 these pics trying to b funny but i believe a part of u is gay 4 even posting dat shit. but 2 each is own


    Word up Lifes Mod, what wrong wit ya..you know you should be posting Dirty Money flics instead.



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